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How we are adapting....

We decided before being deemed "an essential business" that we were not going to be shutting our doors. We have made the switch to appointments only and are we are asking that only one client comes in the office at a time just to limit contact. For distribution, we have made HUGE leap to doing drive through distributions so no clients have to come in the building. Clients simply drive up to the pantry door, volunteers load the vehicle and clients exit the property. Distribution remains on the 3rd Saturday of every month. To make an appointment to be seen in office, just contact our office at 299-6375

We are also now serving members of our community that have lost their job or have been temporarily laid off due to the virus outbreak. We have received many donations from members of our community that want to make sure our working class isnt left without during this time. Simply bring us proof of your recent job loss either in the form of a letter, email or picture from your employer showing the layoff, a current check stub, ID and SSN for all members of your house.

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